Fédération Haïtienne des Sports Aquatiques (FHSA)
     Fédération Haïtienne des Sports Aquatiques (FHSA)

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FHSA, the National Swimming and Life Saving Federation in Haiti, intends to promote swimming as the only sport that can save lives.

Because drowning is one of the leading causes of death in Haiti, FHSA wants the Haitian people to consider swimming not just as a sport, but as a necessity. Currently, less than 1% of the population knows how to swim.

The Haitian government is aware of the rising rate of fatal drowning in Haiti.

As an Island, Haiti has been facing big flooding in timely basis, many lives could have been saved if more people knew how to swim. And even in daily activities, such as traveling by boat, which is frequent in Haiti, those who don’t know how to swim live dangerously.

In the event of a crisis, swimming and lifeguarding skills can come in handy.

FHSA’s mission, to promote swimming and life saving skills

In 1994, ASHANASA, now known as FHSA, was founded with the main purpose to save lives and promote swimming in Haiti. The Haitian Swimming and Life Saving Federation live by this mantra from famous baseball player, Roberto Clemente:


"If you have a chance to help others and fail to do so, you are wasting your time on this earth.”


In fact, the Federation was commissioned by the Haitian government to help prevent fatal drowning in the country. Together with the President of the International Federation of Rescue (ILS), FHSA is carrying out a plan to train lifeguard staff employed in public beaches, hotels and seaports throughout the country.

To minimize the incidence of drowning and water-related injury, FHSA relies on public education and lifeguard training programs. For a list of our next schedule events, please visit our event page.


Together with FINA, ILS, CCCAN, UANA, FHSAS is carrying a plan to train lifeguards and people to swim.  FHSA is carrying the idea to promote swimming in Haiti. 

With your help, FHSA can save lives

Your donation will not only help us to promote and develop swimming in an Island where only 1% of the population knows how to swim, but it can help us to save lives. We need more funding so we can educate all the people in Haiti that learning how to swim is not just a sport but also a life-saving skill and finance our programs to train lifeguards across the country.

Please consider making a donation today!

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Federation Haitienne des Sports Aquatiques (FHSA)

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