Fédération Haïtienne des Sports Aquatiques (FHSA)
     Fédération Haïtienne des Sports Aquatiques (FHSA)

Federation Haitienne des Sports Aquatiques (FHSA)

FHSA, formerly known as ASHANASA, was created in 1994 by a few Haitian citizens with the mission to promote swimming in Haiti and save lives from drowning.

In 2013, FHSA joins the International Life Saving Federation, becoming one of the 170 Members Federations.

Haiti, member of FINA

A year later, at the their Bureau Meeting in Cancun, Mexico, Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA) approved the membership of Haiti as their 204th federation and added them as the second new member federation from the Caribbean region.


President of FHSA, Dr. Evenel Mervilus, along with other executives and international partners, made it a point to promote swimming in Haiti and worked on putting together programs lead by swimming and lifeguards experts.

“Swimming is one of the most complete sport disciplines… Besides, swimming can be taught at any age and practiced regardless of the individual’s physical condition.”

FHSA will go above and beyond to deploy lifeguard training in Haiti and increase people’s safety by helping prevent them from drowning.”

FHSA strongly believes that anyone who lives on an Island must imperatively learn how to swim, especially on an island where 3/4 of the territory is covered in water!

FHSA's Affiliations

In Haiti, we are  proud to be the only  affiliated member of the following national and international entities. 

  • International Lifesaving(ILS)
  • Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA)
  • National Olympic Committee (NOC)
  • Central and Caribbean Amateur Swimming  Confederation  (CCCAN)
  • Union Americana de Natacion (UANA)

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Federation Haitienne des Sports Aquatiques (FHSA)

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